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Razvijanje profesionalnih i liderskih sposobnosti te razvijanje socijalnih vještina.

Ljudska prava

Naglašavanje i borba za ljudska prava i jednakost.


Osigurati prilike mladim ljudima kako bi mogli služiti zajednici i svijetu.


Pridonosite zajednici

Imat ćete mogućnosti sudjelovati i djelovati na bitnim pitanjima za svoju zajednicu.

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Rotary sastanci se održavaju kako bi se jačala povezanost članova i prijateljstva. Ova poznanstva Vas prate kroz cijeli život.

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Rotaract Vam daje mogućnost usavršavanja kroz radionice, upoznavanja, konferencije i sličnih aktivnosti.

Iskustva drugih ljudi i članova

Are you a Rotaractor? If the answer is yes, then you are truly privileged. I have my reasoning to say that, Rotaract is truly a place where you find yourself and discover your true potential. In Rotaract you will gain more than you will give, the wisdom, a big heart, a humble approach and a loving family. Being a Rotaractor gives you an opportunity to serve, it doesn’t require much of your money; it only needs your time, intellect and commitment to sort out ways to solve societal problems.- Rahel Getachew - District Rotaract Representative 2014-2015
Rotary provides training at all levels so that those who have been selected for leadership positions have the opportunity to learn and apply leadership principles to their jobs. - Ron D. Burton
From the very first meeting I attended as a guest, I have been so impressed with Rotary. Every Tuesday, the energy in the room is infectious! I was told I would leave every meeting feeling good, and that has certainly been the case. Rotary's humanitarian spirit and focus on advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace helps me keep my daily work in perspective. This is the one organization that there is no dread-just pure joy at being a member and being part of this most noble group.- Kristina Bolhouse, CPA, CFP(r) - The Arkansas Financial Group, Inc.
My participation in Rotary began with a simple desire to be a part of an organization that I knew was bigger than the sum of all its individual parts, in every way. And for over thirty years of my membership, I have found that to be exactly the case. Both here locally, throughout our country, and around the world, I am convinced that the structure Rotary employs for building friendships and goodwill is beyond duplication. There is just no better design for accomplishing worldwide benefits than what we find in Rotary, and I am proud to play a very small role in what we do.- Phil Cox - JPMS Cox PLLP